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Welcome to CAPCITY.com

The club will hold a STaC Silver Point event on October 26. Come out and grab some silver. Unitwide awards will be available.

Our club runs open games on Wednesdays in the Mercer County area sanctioned by the ACBL as part of Unit 140 in District 3. These games are Open Stratified sessions that are held weekly at the Ewing Community Center in Ewing Township at 12:30 pm.

Our club has temporarily relocated to the Ewing Senior Center at 999 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing, NJ 08628. Our usual location at the Ewing Community Center is closed for renovations that will take between 4 and 6 months. Click above for directions.

We had some unitwide award winners in the June 15 STaC Silver Point game. Kudos to Marilyn Elyakin playing with Nat Zucker who finished 2nd overall, Benita and Les Tropin along with MaryAnn and James Scheirer who finished 2nd and 6th respectively in the C strata, and Rita Whitney playing with John Devereaux who finished 7th in the B strata, all in a field of 59.5 tables.

Congratulations to our our new club champions Catherine Harris and George Moehringer.

The New Jersey Bridge League is providing a free online service, getmeapartner.com, to help people find suitable bridge partners and/or teammates for bridge games and tournaments. This service will be available for at least 1 year. Click here to view the flyer that contains a link to the site.

Julie Zucker will be conducting hour-long classes for beginning and intermediate playing of the hand after each Wednesday game at Hollowbrook. Classes will start on March 7 if there is sufficient interest. If you would like to attend, let Julie know or use the contact utility on this site. Contact Julie for pricing.

ACBL Unit 140 Ace of Clubs leaders and Mini McKenney leaders are listed on the Results page. Final 2015 standings are posted. Kudos to all.

Announcements concerning cancellations will be posted on this site 24 hours before any impending weather events.

If you need a partner for the Wednesday game, use the feedback area to notify the club at least 2 days in advance by clicking on the Contact link and leaving a message.

The Director will attempt to balance the stratified pairs in both directions whenever possible.

Recaps will be included for all games.

Check the News link for special games and cancellations. Results for recent sessions will be posted on this site within 24 hours of completion. Click on Results and select the session and date you want to view.

Come out and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Thanks for attending the games. Your support is important.